Hot Yoga (As in Heated, not Sexy)

My stepmom asked me what hot yoga was the other day, as I was going to be there when she dropped off my new bike. 

Apparently she was not picturing yoga done in just under 100 degrees, but rather a very sexy flow of come hither postures. If you’ve ever done hot yoga, you know ain’t nothin’ very sexy going on as you try to twist yourself into a variety of backbends and balances all while sweating profusely from pores you never even imagined you had. 

So this new yoga studio opened, the only hot yoga studio we have in town. They ran a Groupon that was a screaming deal in and of itself ($29 for a month of unlimited. They usually charge $100.) And as if it were meant to be, I got an email from Groupon that same day telling me I got 10 bucks off my next Groupon purchase. NINETEEN DOLLARS for my whole sweaty month. I went 4 times a week the first two weeks. It was amazing. I detoxed and detoxed and detoxed some more. 

I loved it. I really did. However, I felt like maybe I needed a break, so I haven’t been back since Saturday (it is not Thursday). 

Like most things I do, I believe I overdid the hot yoga. The instructors at the studio are amazing. They’re great, and I can easily pop up into a headstand now thanks to one of them. I’m also beginning to work on handstands. I just think 4 days a week on top of the 20+ hours I already teach drained the hell out of me. 

So I’m going back on Sunday, and finishing out my Groupon. Then going back once a week as a drop in. There’s something extremely gratifying about a cold river rock being placed on your third eye during savasana after you’ve pushed yourself beyond the brink for an entire hour. And when the classes are small, they give tiny shoulder rubs with mint lotion that feels like that icy/hot stuff, but better. So yeah, I’ll totally pay that $15 drop-in once a week. 

And maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll look sexier when I come out of the studio.